October 2011

Fall Foods | Fitness Classes

In 1888, the same year that residents voted to form the independent village of Edina, they built its first modern school in the heart of the community near the mill and general store on Fiftieth Street.


Fall weather triggers a craving for comfort food, and it doesn’t get any better than pasta.


It’s time to think outside the classic dinner-movie-drink combo, whether it’s for a first date or an evening out for a long-married duo. Shake things up this fall with some creative local date ideas, courtesy of Edina “relationship agent” Amy Rolando.


Rachel Ray, media/cooking/merchandise mogul, has taken her love of food, cooking and talking, and (along with a lot of hard work, guts and determination) has amassed an empire—a brand that rivals even the greatest Domestic Diva of them all, Martha Stewart.


Napa Valley, Provence, Tuscany? Sure, those are some wine-producing powerhouse regions. But let’s go ahead and add Minnesota and Wisconsin to that list. As little as 45 years ago, our beloved northland was relegated to just traditional crop farming.


“Feel your feet on the floor and the support of the sofa,” comes the soothing voice of Linda Carole as she begins to hypnotize me on the beige couch in her Edina office. “Breathing easily and gently, getting a sense of that special part of your mind … Allowing yourself to sink into it.”


It’s two o’clock on a Tuesday and I’m being transported to a serene oasis of tranquility, thanks to the skilled and soothing care of The Metropolitan Clinic’s Suzanne St. James.


Yes, you need to stay fit, but don’t let the approaching cold weather drive you into a boring treadmill routine. We’ve scouted four local dance classes that will help you to stay healthy all year long—even if you hate exercise—each proving that a great workout really can be fun.


“I don’t want to stay,” 12-year-old Raine O’Rourke tells her mother in Sparrow Road, Edina resident Sheila O’Connor’s wonderful new novel for children. 


With fall in full swing, all the orchards ripe for the picking, and the University of Minnesota consistently inventing new apple varieties, Minnesota has got to be the best place around for apples. But beyond eating them right off the tree, what’s the best use for an apple?


After Edina graduate Jeff Troldahl lost his mother to breast cancer in 2003 and his father, a colon cancer survivor, in January 2011, he sought refuge working on bicycles. The professional artist was working through the grief of losing both his parents when an epiphany struck.


Calling all aspiring photogs, professional shutterbugs and picture-snapping hobbyists: The eighth annual Images of Edina photo contest is upon us!


In April, Edina Public Schools launched a new blogging website, The Mill, designed to be a “community gathering space for stories about Edina Schools.” While the website is no rumor mill, between the site’s 13 bloggers community conversations are spreading quickly.


We’ve all heard the story.  Docile and innocent as they come, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, in a fit of vindictive rage (or perhaps in just a futile attempt to shoo away a fly), knocks over a lantern and starts what would later be known as the Great Chicago Fire.


If you happen to be lacking a little luxe in your daily life, allow us to recommend a stop into Room No. 3. Opened last July, this elegant little slip of a shop at 50th and France will put the glamour back into your wardrobe, courtesy of lavish lingerie and loungewear pieces.