Mariam Diaby, who earned a letter in community service at Edina High School

Mariam Diaby says the letter in community service from Edina High School is her greatest achievement so far.

Bennett Dykstra, an Edina High School senior

Bennett Dykstra takes service to heart as a member of the Edina High School Student Council and part of Tapestry Church's youth group for young people with special needs.

Caroline Bercaw, a senior at Edina High School who created Da Bomb Bath Fizzers.

We shine a Senior Spotlight on Edina High School students who are dedicated, hard-working, have a mind for service and enjoy giving back to the community.

The cover of "Bethlehem" by Edina author Karen Kelly.

Historical fiction, love, tragedy, mystery and suspense are all wrapped up into one novel, Bethlehem, written by Edina author Karen Kelly.

The Old Course at St. Andrews, the oldest golf course in the world

In early March, I sat down with a delightful couple who shared their dream of a golf vacation in Scotland for a 50th birthday extravaganza this September. I explained, that most 2019 golf vacations are already locked but that I love a challenge.

Edina cooking club member and home chef Kim Sabow

Kim Sabow's gourmet group has been an outlet for exploring new recipes and different types of cuisine and cooking styles.

Optometrist Dr. Afira Hasan of Insight Vision Care in Edina

Edina’s Dr. Afira Hasan invests in family and community.

Your Life Before Your Eyes Helen Abdo filmaker Edina

Helen Abdo sits on a couch in a wood-paneled room, her white hair is elegantly curled. With a determined look, she turns to her interviewer. It’s clear that what she is about to say is of great importance to her.

Giovanna Ingram shooting increase female participation basketball

Giovanna Ingram discovered her love for the game of basketball in her hometown of Hollywood, Calif. with a group of neighborhood kids and a cheaply made hoop. “Growing up in Hollywood, we did not have organized sports,” Ingram says.

Edina Art Center Susan Tarnowski general manager

A new general manager has been hired for the Edina Art Center, our place to see the city’s best exhibitions, participate in different cultural events and develop artistic skills.