About to Take Flight

by | Sep 2021

About to Take Flight - Lisa Asp

Photo: Lisa Asp

Annual photo contest spotlights local talent.

We regularly feature photo submissions from our Images of Edina photo contest in the pages of Edina Magazine and online. This month, we asked Lisa Asp of Tangerine House of Design to tell us about her 2020 award-winning photograph titled About to Take Flight.

Where was the photo taken?

At Wood Lake Nature Center just across the Richfield city line.

What inspired the shot?

While photographing wildlife, I always like to wait for some kind of action to give the image more energy than a static photo of the animal standing still. Though I got some photographs of the egret standing nicely, the moment just before it took flight was more interesting and forces the viewer to feel the anticipation a bit more and think about where the bird is off to, thus creating more of a story.

What’s your favorite thing about this image?

The detail in the feathers. With egrets being white, it’s often difficult to get the detail without blowing out the feathers all together. Adjusting the exposure to make the entire scene darker keeps the detail in the bird and really makes it pop against a darker background. I also love the turtles next to its feet!

How does this photo reflect your feelings about living in Edina?

I love the sheer number of parks within the community. Each offers something different, but there is always something new to explore. I love that I don’t have to go far to see wildlife. Just this past spring while walking my dog two blocks from my house, I was able to watch an otter jump out of the pond to steal a fish from a bald eagle. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me that day!


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