April Showers Bring May Ducklings

Local photographer discusses her award-winning photograph.
“Centennial Lakes Babies” by Becky Parkin.

Becky Parkin once lived two blocks from Centennial Lakes Park in Edina and would often walk around the park with her Canon Rebel T2i camera in hand. Parkin is an amateur photographer who enjoys capturing enchanting nature scenes. During one of her walks last May, Parkin noticed a group of onlookers enjoying the adventures of a recently hatched brood of ducklings.

“There were a total of 10 ducklings following their mom and dad around,” Parkin says. “Every once in a while, they’d stop and line up,” which is how Parkin captured four of them in her Images of Edina award- winning photograph titled “Centennial Lakes Babies.”

It was the first time Parkin entered the photo contest. She says she submitted several photos in different categories but that she especially loves this picture because it features babies. “Centennial Lakes Babies” was recognized by the city of Edina in the contest’s Living: Plants and Wildlife category.

Parkin has since upgraded her camera to a Canon 6D and is continually learning about shooting great photographs. She encourages others to get their cameras out. The Images of Edina photo contest typically begins accepting submissions in the spring.