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At this 40th annual community volunteer recognition reception, honorees from all around Edina were publically thanked for their volunteer efforts. Mayor Hovland also awarded five individual service commendations. Congratulations to all of the honorees.

out of the Midwest. “I would love to do a sequel. We’ve only touched the surface,” he says.
Since 1993, Normandale Elementary has been an Edina choice school offering a complete French immersion program to students in kindergarten through fifth grade.
As a full-time executive of one of Minnesota’s largest companies and parent to two small children, on paper, James Tucker doesn’t look like a typical novelist.
Award-winning author Patrick “Packy” Mader has released a book titled Minnesota Gold, and if you’re at all interested in Minnesota history, the Olympic games or sports in general, thi
The medical staff at Fairview Southdale Hospital is serious about the phrase, “Children are our future.” Each year the hospital honors 16 students from eight area schools, including E
It is not uncommon to hear students and parents alike question why they need to know something when they can just look it up. In a world of Google, knowledge has lost its appeal.
Edina Public schools (EPS) recently integrated its Early Childhood Family Education and Early Childhood Special Education departments to form the Early Learning Center (ELC).