Arts & Culture

Edina welcomes its first Kiddie Academy.
Travel enthusiast Per Christensson
Per Christensson of Edina is part Swedish, part Danish and part Japanese. At least that’s what he tells his friends.
Keith and Anne Dixon
Bizal Built is a household name in Edina.
Author Sheila O’Connor
When it comes to writing unique and captivating tomes, critically acclaimed Minn. author Sheila O’Connor has succeeded.
Paavo Rundman made a stop-motion animation video with Legos to demonstrate his knowledge of Latin America.
Brett, Cameron and Savannah Hufendick
Along with her brothers, Brett and Cameron, Savannah Hufendick founded Safe In Sound.
Students gather around a traffic light in an engineering class.
Project Lead the Way, which aims to give real-world science and engineering experience to students.