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Santa and Albert at Bachman's

Santa and Albert Holiday Play Returns to Bachman's. Head elf Albert is looking for an assistant; can you help Santa and Albert?

Thanks to a locally devised and produced Android and iPhone application, sightseeing with your kids will never be the same. On a trip to Europe last summer, Mitch Zamoff asked his three kids to share their favorite part about Rome.

Most of us have known someone who has dealt with mental illness at some point; we might even be one of those people. One Edina woman who found herself in this space has taken her experience and created inspiring art.

Creek Valley Elementary hosted a Parents' Night Out Casino Evening on November 8. All photos by Andreasen Photography.

Blogs have developed into more than online diaries, political rants or celebrity gossip. Many blogs serve as educational resources that cover a wide variety of topics. Some bloggers dedicated to sharing useful information live or work right here in Edina.

If the walls could talk in the great room of Debra Schipper’s Minnetonka home, they would have a lot to say. Her powerhouse of an organization where gifted kids who are also identified on the autism spectrum can learn important social skills began in that very room—with just 12 students.

The Edina High School Thespians will perform two plays this month: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rhinoceros.

Gary Rohrer is no stranger to victory. The Edina resident has won 37 national championships in handball, in both singles and doubles, and recently added four more feathers to his cap.

It is 1964, and 11-year-old Fin Hadley sits in the passenger seat of a Kharmann Ghia speeding towards Greenwich Village and away from rural Connecticut. In the cramped back seat is his dog Gus. At the wheel is Lady Hadley, Fin’s 24-year-old half-sister.

The new year presents an opportune time to tackle a resolution. Among top resolutions is organizing one’s space. The office in particular presents a challenge for many.