In Honor of Four Edina Men Who Serve Our Country

Capturing the stories of Sean Anderson, Josh Krieter, Dave Westgard and Robb Bauleke took on a whole new meaning.

I’ve never felt honored to write something until this story on four Edina servicemen: Sean Anderson, Josh Krieter, Dave Westgard and Robb Bauleke.

They are remarkable men who are willing to give up a normal life to put themselves in peril for our freedom.

“It’s just a great sense of awe of them,” Chris Bauleke says of her two sons, Robb and Peter, who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I’ve watched them go to schools where they were really challenged. They just worked their tails off. As a parent, you think, ‘boy did I have that work ethic when I was that young?’”

These four men—featured in January’s Edina Magazine—epitomize dedication, service, respect and sacrifice.

Men: It was an honor to write your stories.

To read the full story, pick up the January issue or check out starting January 1.