Champagne Bubbles of Summertime Joy

My Backyard Office
My Backyard Office

June! Finally! I am a reluctant Minnesotan who each winter questions the sanity of living on the tundra. But then summer comes and ebullience bubbles up from my being like the effervescence of an uncorked champagne bottle. There is a lightness to me, probably from shedding four extra layers and not being hunched to the winter wind, but still… June is the time I’m happy to be a Minnesotan. This is home.

The June issue of Edina Magazine mirrors that happy summertime feeling of joy. From the cover photo of Wooj against a backdrop of scenic greenery at the Edina Country Club to the smiling face of Lynette Biunno, city hall’s gracious front desk receptionist–our June stories highlight some of what’s to love about living and working in Edina.

My young son, who is enamored with parkour, inspired the feature story about Fight or Flight Academy. He informed me that the only place in the Twin Cities that teaches parkour is in Edina. First, I had to learn what parkour is. Then I took a drive to Fight or Flight Academy to check it out. It’s the real deal and I think all of us at Edina Magazine learned a thing or two about this interesting sport.

And oh my goodness, who can get enough backyard beauty this time of year? Our Backyard Bliss story this month offers tips for planning your landscape design. I love potting flowers in early summer and arranging the outdoor seating on my patio to achieve the perfect ambiance for outdoor entertaining or working. That’s right, I’m most likely typing away while seated under an umbrella on my backyard patio right now or I’m on a lovely restaurant patio someplace in Edina. One of the highlights of my job is the ability to park myself on a park bench while I help create the content you enjoy each month in Edina Magazine.

If you see me, say hello. I’m the one smiling from ear to ear because it’s finally summer.

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