Reflections on my first cover-to-cover issue.

The May issue of Edina Magazine has been out for a couple of
weeks now and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. I’ve been at the helm as
editor of Edina Magazine for nearly six months. But the May issue is the
first to be entirely under my editorial direction.

The May cover photo features a delicious salad prepared by chef
Mike Shannon of Cooks of Crocus Hill, part of a Mother’s Day brunch menu
printed inside. The entire menu is available on our website
with several excellent food and drink recipes that include a refreshing fruit
smoothie and a Solerno Prosecco cocktail. Yum. Don’t let these scrumptuous ideas be
relegated only to a once a year holiday. Add them to your recipe box for
planning future special events.

And what’s not to love about our beautiful May bridal feature? It spotlights local retailers at the ready to help create a Grace Kelly inspired
wedding. Karen Beese of Edina told me about her friend’s daughter, Hannah
Anderson, also from Edina, who is getting married later this year. The
beautiful Anderson makes the perfect model for our vintage inspired bridal

Many thanks to Mike, Karen, Hannah and the many other
wonderful Edina folks who helped make the May issue so great. I’m equally
excited about the upcoming June issue. You’ll definitely want to check out our
summer celebration inspired stories. And if you have a story idea
you’d like me to consider for a future issue of Edina Magazine, be sure to
connect via email, Facebook or Twitter!