Bold and Bare Faced

by | Sep 2021

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Beauty treatments that can save time.

Shifting from glamorous contoured statements to “no makeup, makeup” looks, trends have turned toward personal care that enhances natural beauty and unique physical characteristics.

This minimalist approach has encouraged semi-permanent eyebrow and lash treatments like laminations, lash lifts, lash extensions and tints. People tend to wear less makeup when they have these services because they already look great and don’t need much extra.


Eyebrow Lamination: Essentially a perm for your eyebrows, the process of lamination straightens and smooths thinning hairs to give a thicker, more texturized look. Trimming away the stragglers and applying a perm solution holds brows in place, resulting in fuller brows with a high shine finish for up to eight weeks.

Tint: Provides definition to brows, with a semi-permanent dye treatment, helping to enhance, shape and unify brows.


Extensions: Enhances the look of natural lashes by seamlessly adhering to each individual lash to provide a fuller and thicker look that eliminates the need to wear mascara for up to three weeks.

Adapted from a story originally published in Woodbury Magazine.


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