Brightwater Clothing & Gear Shares This Year’s Trends in Winter Clothing

We Minnesotans take our winter wear seriously, insisting on warmth and function. But we need not sacrifice style. Bill Damberg, owner of Brightwater Clothing & Gear, shares what’s hot in winter clothing and you might be surprised.

“What excites me is wool,” says Damberg. Enhanced technology makes this warm but previously itch-inducing fabric soft to the touch. For instance, the contemporary line We Norwegians offers modern wool clothing that is lightweight, supple and, according to Damberg, “a little sexy.”

Texture is important, but what about color? Damberg says muted palettes rule. The long-standing winter apparel company Dale of Norway designs winter clothing in beautiful subdued grays, and delicate creams. For a pop of color, Damberg suggests adding a shawl or scarf in burgundy or royal blue.

Lastly, the Italian company Parajumpers provides what Damberg calls “the perfect Minnesota coat,” relaxed and rugged with a touch of fur. It’s official—this winter, there’s no excuse not to dress both warm and stylishly.