Budding Romance

Find the perfect floral arrangement for someone special—or for you.

Being single doesn’t mean you should single yourself out from having pretty flowers to display in your home or office. Ann Backman, owner of Spruce Flowers and Home, says, “My idea for singles is to sign up for one of our flower arranging classes. It’s a great learning experience that you can share with friends, or just have fun.”

If you’re interested in getting a bouquet for a special someone, Backman recommends finding a bouquet that is unique to that person, versus a cliché bouquet of red roses. “A dozen red roses says ‘I don’t really know you that well, so here’s what I think I’m supposed to do,’ unless of course red roses are your partner’s favorite.”

The types of flowers that Backman recommends in February are tulips and hyacinth, as well as fragrant lilacs and jasmine vine. Although the month may be dreary, you can brighten up the day with a beautiful new flower arrangement.

For advice on what type of flowers to get for that special someone, Spruce can help you create a perfect bouquet.