Chill out with Edina Ice Cream

Decadent and delicious frozen desserts.
Celebrate summer with a sprinkle ice cream cake from the Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Edina ice cream! Who doesn’t love ice cream, especially on a hot summer day? Ice cream epitomizes the taste of summer, down to the very last messy, shirt-staining drip.

Pamper your palate with a polar blast. When your sweet tooth seeks something cool, ice cream is the perfect fix. Try it fried, blended into a malt or paired with cake, fruit or chocolate. In Edina, ice cream takes on just about every flavor and form imaginable. You’ll love these options. We promise—with whipped cream and a cherry on top!


Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop
You can have your ice cream and your cake, too. Create your ideal ice cream cake from any two flavors of ice cream, separated by a layer of crushed Oreos. With a combined total of 44 tempting flavors from brands like Cedar Crest, Izzy’s, Sebastian Joe’s and Sweet Science, decisions are tough. Traditional flavors are the biggest sellers, but you can’t go wrong with most any combination of ice cream. “Our scoopers will build the cake and prepare it for Sweet Retreat cupcake shop to decorate,” says Eric Wold, owner. The renowned shop at 50th and France “will come up with some cool design,” he says. Popular picks include birthday cakes with children’s superhero themes, edible glitter, sprinkles and piped frosting for edging. One week notice requested; some premade cakes are available in the store. 8-inch $25, 10-inch $35, 12-inch $45.
6137 Kellogg Ave.; 952.922.9597


Whole Foods
Cool down from summer’s heat with an Italian-style sorbet. The fresh pineapple and basil sorbet has a surprisingly sultry smack with a lingering herb and citrus finish. Whole Foods’ pineapple basil flavor makes appearances year-round, but its popularity peaks in summer. Soft yellow with specks of green, the pineapple basil sorbet is a tropical spin on the better-known strawberry-basil combination. Trained gelato chefs regularly come up with new sorbet and gelato creations. A selection of four sorbets and eight gelatos rotate frequently with no shortage of innovative twists. “Our gelato chefs are just very passionate about what they do,” says Keegan Maxson, bakery team leader. Pint $6.99, quart $9.99, special on 12-ounce $3.99 (regularly $5.99) on Wednesdays and Sundays.
7401 France Ave. S.; 952.830.3500


Take the sundae challenge if you dare. The fudge brownie delight is a day-maker and a diet-breaker. Unashamedly indulgent, super-sized and scrumptious down to the last bite, this is one sundae that many may try, but few completely finish. Mounds of whipped cream, waves of hot fudge sauce, three scoops of vanilla ice cream and countless chunks of brownie boulders make this a showy desert beyond compare. Nuts are optional, but why hold back? The fudge brownie delight is no ordinary sundae. Served on a dinner plate, it’s big enough to satisfy the whole family. “It’s amazing [how some] people just come in and just get that with a cup of coffee,” says Christina Stark, manager. $6.50.
4502 Valley View Road; 952.920.0949


Rojo Mexican Grill

Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside and delectable through and through, fried ice cream is the ultimate Mexican-American dessert. Even better, it’s gluten-free, and on your birthday it’s completely free of charge. Birthday celebration dinners are more special with a finish of complimentary fried ice cream. “It’s fun. We give it away free for birthdays. We do not sing or dance but do candles upon request. We just give it to them on the house and wish them a happy birthday,” says Matt Linse, general manager. The dessert makes quite an impression with ice cream wrapped in cornflakes like a big snowball. It’s then fried, drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon. “Those corn flakes give a nice crispness so it cracks with a spoon,” says Linse. Whipped cream and a maraschino cherry complete this dessert’s festive look. A menu staple for Rojo, the fried ice cream is pure pleasure any day. $5.25.
10 Southdale Center, Suite 2750-A; 952.595.5495

(Be the captain of crunch with fried ice cream from Rojo Mexican Grill.)


Jason’s Deli
The best things in life are free, and ice cream is no exception. Low-fat, self-serve soft-serve ice cream is on the house with your food purchase at Jason’s Deli. Tucked away in the back corner of the deli is a magic machine filled with delightfully sweet chocolate and vanilla flavors. In the hands of a novice, a cone or dish rarely comes out with perfect swirls, but it’s entertaining to try. “It’s a technique. Not everyone is a natural ice cream builder,” says Jake Hunefeld, general manager. Fear not—the friendly and obliging staff is willing to lend a helping hand if you find the machine hard to handle. Unlimited toppings of everything from granola to chocolate syrup add a personalized touch. “Everyone likes ice cream, so you can’t go wrong with free ice cream,” Hunefeld says.
7565 France Ave. S.; 952.358.9900


Edina Creamery
Raspberries! Put them in ice cream for a tremendous treat that is as refreshing as a light summer breeze. Raspberry chocolate-chip ice cream is available but a few months of the year. Bursting with lively flavor that only fresh raspberries can give, this housemade ice cream has the bonus of chocolate. Flecks of dark chocolate temper the tart-sugary, fresh raspberry dominance. Raspberry chocolate-chip ice cream is so popular, a new batch is made almost every day during peak season, says Tony Nguyen, owner. One scoop $3.71, two scoops $5.26, three scoops $6.26, pint $11.
5055 France Ave. S.; 612.920.2169


With 10 active probiotics, the Lifeway frozen kefir resembles a traditional vanilla soft-serve, albeit with a slight yogurt tang. The tantalizingly creamy concoction is touted for its many health benefits—boosts of protein, calcium, vitamin D and more. The best part is its kindness to your waistline, with a mere 10 calories (without toppings), according to Michelle Boetcher, general manager. Pick two healthy or slightly naughty toppings from a selection of almonds, blueberries, chocolate chips, cinnamon, dried cranberries, green apples, honey, mango, Oreos and strawberries. “The kids love Oreos,” says Boetcher. “The moms love it because they know the kefir’s the healthy part.” This frozen kefir lives up to Freshii’s pledge to serve nutritious food to people on the go. $4.99 with two toppings.
10 Southdale Circle, Suite 2305; 952.314.8253


Convention Grill
Edina is the home of an ice cream legend. Since 1934, the Convention Grill has turned out showstopper malts—to the tune of 68,000 malts a year at last tally, according to owner-manager John Rimarcik. To skip a malt with your meal would be a summertime shame. Diner-style burgers and fries cry out for the ultra-rich thick creaminess that only a traditional malt can bring to the table. And how! Swoon with every spoonful and forget the straw. “Each malt is a quart of ice cream, flavoring and malt powder,” says Rimarcik. The malt powder works as a catalyst that melds all ingredients together into a velvety smooth drink (that’s why shakes tend to be icier). While chocolate is the top seller, Convention Grill malts come in 14 other flavors. Pick your pleasure and spoon your way to paradise, one chilly gulp at a time. Generations of malt fans have done the same. Full $5.95, half $4.95.
3912 Sunnyside Road; 952.920.6881


The delicate, earthy scent of green tea ice cream makes an appropriately elegant finish to your sushi dinner. The dessert is made Japanese-style in a labor-intensive process. Old-fashioned hand mixing forms the green tea ice cream into a baseball-sized portion. Once frozen solid, the ice cream is coated in tempura batter and deep-fried in a flash; the hot bread coating resembles the tightly formed shell of an over-sized walnut. The prize inside is ice cream that somehow manages to stay firm even when fried. Decorative ribbons of chocolate sauce and five puffs of whipped cream add to the drama. $5.
7101 France Ave. S., Suite 113; 952.920-9980