Edina’s Best Burgers

Edina’s best burgers, from traditional to trendy.
Hearty whole-grain goodness make the Good Earth Planet Burger a terrific vegetarian option.

Burgers are as American as apple pie and baseball. They are fun to eat and have an almost universal appeal. Kids of all ages love burgers, large and small.

Edina has restaurant choices galore where burgers are creatively crafted and skillfully served. Try something new or revisit an old favorite. Turkey burger, veggie burger, bacon double-cheeseburgers or sliders, anyone? Here are some Edina burgers sure to please.

Plaza Burger

Convention Grill

The Convention Grill gleams with nostalgic Americana inside and out, and serves up a slightly different spin on a familiar staple. The Plaza burger has made many friends during its near 38-year tenure. “It became a huge favorite,” says Don Rimarcik, owner. The origins of this burger combo reach back to the humble Plaza Bar in Madison, Wisconsin, where comedian Dudley Riggs of Brave New Workshop fame discovered it. Riggs was so impressed by the unusual sandwich that he told Rimarcik to add it to Convention Grill’s menu. A dark pumpernickel bun from the New French Bakery forms the foundation. A generous dollop of thick sour cream and crunchy sprinkle of chopped raw onions brings out the grainy flavor of the rye-based bun and a 6-ounce hand-formed ground beef patty makes this hamburger whole. $6.85. Add bacon $1, mushrooms $1, extra portion of ground beef $1.95. 3912 Sunnyside Road; 952.920.6881.

Veggie Black Bean Burger

Edina Grill

A warm rainbow of grilled peppers and onions pack a punch of spiciness in the Edina Grill’s boldly beautiful black bean burger. There’s no shortage of Latin-inspired heat in this housemade veggie burger. The seared patty has an inner layer of healthy, fiber-rich black bean goodness. A grilled soft white bun and light topping of mixed spring greens form a nice variety of palate-pleasing textures. Choose from French fries or snappy red cabbage coleslaw as a side. $10. 5028 France Ave. S.; 952.927.7933.

Double Bacon Cheese

Five Guys

Order a double bacon cheese at Five Guys and you are sure to be among friends. This reliable standby ranks as the top customer favorite. Build the perfect hamburger from as many of the 15 free toppings as you wish. While you wait for your custom-made burger, munch on a boat of salted in-the-shell peanuts. From a ringside view of the open kitchen, watch your hand-formed fresh-ground beef patty cook into a juicy burger sensation. “We don’t add any seasonings. We want the flavor to stick out,” says Bret Shogren, director of operations. Good old American cheese and smokehouse-quality apple bacon give this bacon burger a hefty bite of protein—all softened by a puffy white sesame seed bun. A simple but spectacular burger has amassed a near-cult following. $8.05. Five Guys. Centennial Lakes, 3871 Gallagher Drive; 952.893.5489.

Good Earth Planet Burger

Good Earth

Now here’s a veggie burger you can sink your teeth into. Healthy yet hearty, this Good Earth burger bursts at the seams with garden-vegetable and whole-grain goodness. Creamy pinto beans and chewy adzuki beans studded with a crunchy mix of cashews, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, and a bonus infusion of vegetables form the housemade patty. The burger, along with layers of fresh leaf lettuce, tomato slices and snappy dill pickle chips, pile on a seed-topped whole-wheat bun. Try Terra root vegetable chips or a small field greens salad for a side, or substitute a cup of soup for an additional $1.50. Burger $10. 3460 Galleria; 952.925.1001.

Pig & Fiddle Burger

Pig & Fiddle

A high-quality hamburger and a malty beer like a Brooklyn brown ale make an ideal pairing at Pig & Fiddle. This burger, prepared daily, features 100 percent Angus beef, ground in-house, hand-pattied and charbroiled to each customer’s choice. “It’s not exactly easy how we make them. We do it the hard way,” says Stephanie Kochlin, head chef. The condiments and sauces on this upscale pub-grub sandwich change with the seasons. Picture sultry Southern-fried green tomatoes, tender locally grown greens, sharp aged artisan cheese or made-from-scratch spice-infused sauces. The Pig & Fiddle burger is in keeping with this establishment’s commitment to comfort food, lovingly made the old-fashioned way. For a side, pick from choice of frites (French fries), a tossed salad or a cup of housemade seasonal soup. $13. 3808 W. 50th St.; 952.955.8385.

Turkey Burger

Red Cow

The Red Cow is about more than just beefy burgers. This neighborhood tavern aims to please diners with a wide range of dietary restrictions and preferences. Go light with the award-winning turkey burger, a delectably delicious non-beef burger. This sandwich starts off right with a gourmet bun made fresh daily from Minneapolis-based A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop. Housemade cilantro lime aioli coats the bottom half and gets covered by a turkey burger hot off the grill with a crispy brown edge. Surprise—a little creamy avocado goes into the patty. A final topper of thinly sliced radishes, frilly baby arugula greens and pistachio nut nubs adds a nice crunch. “For a burger place named Red Cow, we are very proud of this bird burger as a quite delicious option for people that may be looking for something other than red meat,” says Josh Hoyt, manager. $11. 3624 W. 50th St.; 612.767.4411.

Jalapeno Bacon Blue Cheeseburger


The jalapeno bacon blue cheeseburger packs some heat and isn’t short on flavor. Thick slices of warm jalapeno pepper bacon stoke the smoldering flame. A good crumbling of creamy blue cheese mellows the bite for a burger that has a kick without being overly spicy. “It’s the spiciness with the blue cheese that sets things off,” says Brent Sladek, general manager. First presented as a limited-time sandwich special, the combination proved so popular that the jalapeno bacon blue cheeseburger earned a place on Snuffy’s regular menu. The unusual mix of opposing flavors melds into one tantalizingly different kind of burger. A freshly grilled white bun caps the quarter-pound Angus beef patty, crispy fried bacon and blue cheese. $6.40 single, $8.10 double; other condiments are extra. Add a side order of fries: $2.50 single, $4.30 family-sized. 4502 Valley View Road; 952.920.0949.

Tavern-style Sliders

Tavern on France

If good things come in threes, try a trio of sliders. Small, yes, but never lacking in flavor. The sliders are stacked tall with layer upon layer of hamburger yumminess, spiffed up with planks of bacon and a generous melting of Gouda cheese. Housemade bourbon red sauce adds a kick of barbecue taste. Cute little white hamburger buns are toasted for the base. Kick back and enjoy your mini burger appetizer with one of Tavern on France’s signature cocktails. $8, $4.99 during happy hour. 6740 France Ave. S.; 952.358.6100.