Edina’s Parent Communication Network Preps for 2015

Volunteer organization offers ongoing seminars on relevant parenting topics.
Mary Shannahan, president of Edina PCN, and Andrea Bender strive to create informative symposiums for parents and caregivers.

Edina’s Parent Communication Network (PCN) offers a valuable option for parents, educators, and caretakers to plug into unifying issues. Volunteers from Edina public schools, Our Lady of Grace school, community members and the Edina Family Center power this community organization. In 2014, the group supported an array of educational forums on topics ranging from athletics to online conduct.

In addition to five regular symposiums, which are open to the public, Edina’s PCN provides a seminar slot “for any issues that come up—topics that are really relevant, that parents want more information on, or a community partner [offers] to co-sponsor,” says Mary Shannahan, Edina’s PCN president.

The agenda for 2015 includes plans for informational seminars on essential subjects, from mental and chemical health to cyber safety. PCN aims to deliver material relevant to all age groups, kindergarten through 12th grade, and generally there’s a large carry-over of topics. A survey is taken at the end of each forum and a topic receiving many requests is brain and executive function skills, as well as stress and anxiety management. Technology is also an area with a tremendous amount of new research—and plays into ADD and relevant issues where kids struggle academically. It also helps with organization and study skills.

Edina’s PCN is accepting donations to fund speakers.