Edina Art Center Creates Cookbook

Edina Art Center creates a cookbook featuring handmade pottery.

For the past couple of years, potters at the Edina Art Center have been documenting what they have created, in terms of pottery and recipes, via writing and pictures. This documentation has fostered a brand-new idea—a cookbook that would feature pottery created by Edina Art Center artists, as well as launching a new class. Since pottery and food go together, it only seemed fitting to produce a cookbook featuring some of the potters’ favorite recipes and how pottery you create can be used in your own kitchen for cooking and dining.

One of the items envisioned for this new cookbook is daisy spring rolls. This delicious appetizer is featured on a black Japanese-inspired, square plate that was handmade and fired in the cone 10 gas kiln at the Edina Art Center. A sampling of a few other yummy dishes to be included in the cookbook include apple and butternut squash galette, fish chowder, pumpkin ginger soup, and pumpkin streusel bars, all depicted on other works of handmade pottery.

In conjunction, the Edina Art Center offers a six-week class, Pots for the Kitchen. This is an excellent way to learn how to make your own pottery for dining or décor. Previous items made in the class include a lasagna pan, a baking dish, an oval serving bowl, sugar and creamer set, a hand-built berry basket bowl, and salt shakers.

For more information, contact the Edina Art Center at 952.903.5780 or go to the website here. The next Pots for the Kitchen session runs October 21 to December 9.