Edina Home Interior Painting by Luna Murals

Luna Murals spring from a family tradition.
Luna Murals turns children's bedrooms into fairytales.

It’s every kid’s dream: an underwater-themed bedroom, complete with beachy accents—and best of all, a life-size mermaid, painted in gorgeous detail on one wall. For Christine Adams Carter and Suzanne Adams, making this dream a reality is all in a day’s work.Carter and Adams created Luna Murals 16 years ago, a painting and design company based in the south metro area. As niece and aunt, they’ve turned their family’s passion for art and design into a thriving business. “We love what we do. Even on our days off, we’re always making something,” Carter says with a laugh.Of the many Edina homes they’ve decorated, Leila Dorrian’s is one of their favorites. They designed Dorrian’s kitchen, laundry room, master bedroom, wine cellar—and the mermaid room, for Dorrian’s daughter Alexa, now 15.“Alexa was 8 when she wanted a mermaid-themed bedroom,” Dorrian recalls. “[Christine and Suzanne] wanted Alexa to participate. They asked what we each wanted and did a full-room concept. It completely blew us away. It was elegant, and Alexa loved it, too.” For Alexa’s twin sister, Sophie, Carter and Adams recreated the posh interior of Paris’s Ladureé Bakery, one of Sophie’s favorite vacation stops.“We’re primarily known for our kids’ spaces,” says Carter, which include a playroom based on Shel Silverstein’s book The Giving Tree and several nurseries. But that’s not all—Luna Murals’ projects have included home theaters, dining rooms, schools and even a hospital.