Empowering Apparel: NIC + ZOE Comes to Galleria Edina This Fall

A model wears clothing from NIC + ZOE, a women's clothing store opening at the Galleria Edina this fall.
A new women's clothing store is coming to the Galleria this fall - and the styles aren't made for models, but instead, role models.

By: Julia Zerull

This fall, Boston-based clothing brand NIC + ZOE will join the Galleria ready to prep every woman for the season. Opening in early October, the store will be stocked with fall essentials, from stylish and soft knits to the perfect pant.

It all started when Dorian Lightbown, chief creative officer of NIC + ZOE, decided to make a change as she felt that the available fashions weren’t matching every woman’s lifestyle. Thus, in 2006, NIC + ZOE was born. Gaining inspiration from the support of her children, Nicholas and Zoë, Lightbown set out to create pieces that catered to the strong woman in everyone’s life.

Lightbown’s styles aren’t made for models, but instead, role models. She understands the want for a fashionable look, but more importantly, the need for empowering apparel. To her, clothing shouldn’t stifle. Her designs are an expression of trailblazing American women, “women who know that quality clothing can do more than make an impression on the outside, but fuel the fire on the inside,” says Cynthia Saffi, director of marketing.

The goal was to create a brand that not only produced high quality and comfortable clothing, but inspired women to live their most authentic lives as well. “Her story is one of which we’re incredibly proud,” says Saffi, “We hope that when you wear our clothes, you’ll be inspired just like Dorian to live life by your own terms.”

Starting with the quest for the perfect sweater, the brand has since created an array of soft, movable knits, great for everyday or a bold statement that won’t hinder your schedule. “Our customer is truly the master of what we call ‘the dance,’ managing the daily balancing act of family and friends to career and caretaking,” says Saffi.

Emphasizing the necessity for versatility in all of life’s twists and turns, NIC + ZOE’s four-way cardigan or vital V-neck sweater are classics that don’t disappoint. Expanding into all areas of style, the brand has also created its best-selling piece called the Wonderstretch pant, a staple with an incredible fit and the ease of a pull-on waistband.

There are currently 11 stores spanning the East Coast and Chicago area. NIC + ZOE brings its inspiring philosophy to the Twin Cities this fall.