Encouraging Education

Kathleen Foye MacLennan recognized with a 2014 Connecting with Kids Leadership Award.

“Tireless” is the adjective long-time friend and nominator Ann Schulze uses to describe Kathleen Foye MacLennan, recipient of a 2014 Connecting with Kids Leadership Award.

A brief look at MacLennan’s work offers evidence for the description. She has been a major leader in the operation of the STRIVE program (Students Taking a Renewed Interest in the Value of Education) at Edina High School, an initiative that has been influencing and empowering students for five years.

More recently, MacLennan founded ACCESS, a support program focused on post-secondary planning for students with special circumstances and limited resources. Amid what can seem like an endless amount of steps toward attending college (ACTs, applications and essays), ACCESS serves as a guide in educating and encouraging students to reach their higher education goals.