Food & Drink

The patio at Tavern23 in Edina.

Tavern 23, Harriet Brasserie, Ciao Bella, Salut and Red Cow are some of the prettiest places to eat, drink and be merry this summer.

How do you like your food—hot, hot, hot? Tempting choices abound for spicy food in Edina. At any time for any meal, you’ll find a full menu of dishes to warm your heart and soul.

In Penelope Fitzgerald: a Life, biographer Hermione Lee captures a world that Anglophiles and Downton Abbey fans will appreciate. Born in 1916, English novelist Penelope Fitzgerald descended from the famous Knox family.

At Jerry’s Foods, the bakery crew enjoys its work down to the very last crumb. Who wouldn’t feel great surrounded by fresh-baked goodies every day? Cheery bakers are quick to give a friendly hello to customers.

Seafood lends itself to every culinary style, from haute cuisine to good old-fashioned Midwestern fish fries. So why eat fish only on Fridays during Lent? You can indulge in tasty fish dishes in Edina any time of year.

When most people talk about moving, they mean changing addresses. When Edina brothers Frank and John Garrison moved houses, they really moved houses — as in, they jacked up a house off its foundation, put it on a trailer and drove it to a new location.

An Italian-American fusion restaurant might seem an offbeat destination for your St.

Somewhere close by, a neighbor flips through the television channels. He or she stops, momentarily, on a cooking show. Minutes tick by. A handsome and charming man with a British accent has captivated the viewer. They can’t change the channel.

The craft cocktail craze that began just a few years ago is good business for bars and restaurants, and also for Edina resident Eric Seed, who owns the rare wine and spirits importer Haus Alpenz.

Thanks to the Chef’n Zipstrip, you can actually use that rosemary in your window garden. This small device separates herbs from their stems and collects them in a convenient bowl. $7.99

We scoured our archives for some of the best dishes featured in Edina Magazine throughout the past year. We added some tweaks and updates from these local restaurants—and pulled together one delectable dining guide that crosses many categories of cuisine. Bon appétit!