Planting Trees for Arbor Day

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day. You might be thinking—wait, didn’t Arbor Day already happen? Yes, in fact it was on April 29. However, the city of Edina is publicly observing it on May 6—and you’re welcome to join.

Anyone can have a do-it-yourself herb garden. Fresh-picked herbs enliven foods with zesty flavors and brilliant shades of green. They’re used more for enhancing taste and pungent aroma than physical substance. Growing an herb garden requires some light, soil, water and pruning.

The playful spirit of a 10-year-old recognized the magic in Faerie Houses before it became a business by the same name.

Itching to get your hands dirty or simply add a few decorative garden elements to your home? Then check out these spring gift items we found at Bachman’s.  

The Edina Art Center garden sale theme is “Spring has Sprung,” and is based on birds and branches, paintings, drawings, sculptures, metal art, and clay pottery pieces. Susanna Gray and Brenda Haack are two featured artists.

Cactus as decorative houseplant is quite popular again. To learn more about this retro design element, we asked Amy Backman, president and creative director at Spruce, to tell us why people are drawn to these prickly oddball ornamentals.

Colonial Church in Edina is big on visible reminders—reminders that demonstrate stewardship, hospitality and the power of working together.

The Edina Garden Council is a nonprofit organization that began in 1953. It’s made up of five different clubs that meet regularly at the greenhouses in Arnesen Acres Park. Their mission is to beautify Edina with plants.

Larry Cipolla is a star gardener in Edina whose passion for planting and weeding sprouted at a very young age. Cipolla grew up on a vegetable farm in East Hartford, Conn. But his passion would later mean finding ways to garden with little space.

There’s something to be said about making your yard an extension of your home, creating a welcoming ambience both inside and out.

A summertime stroll through a park or along a forested trail relaxes the body and renews the mind. But getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a luxury many city dwellers only experience on vacation or during a weekend getaway.