Give Your Leather a Long Life

Bob’s Shoe Repair can fix shoes and more.

According to Bob’s Shoe Repair owner David Young, they’ll do “anything and everything” to fix up your shoes.

Taking over for Edina Shoe Repair at 50th and France, Bob’s Shoe Repair opened in Edina in October. Services include repairing leather shoes as well as other leather items such as purses and belts. They can fix soles, heels, stitching and buckles, and also clean shoes and service orthopedics. Young says the shop’s orthopedic work can be the most difficult because it needs to be precise.

With a following of long-term customers from its Wayzata location, business has been good in Edina. Young says many people underestimate the shoe repair business. “Most people think of one- or two-man shows, but there’s more than that.”

Training for shoe repair requires apprenticeships as there are not any nearby schools with the specialty. Young’s employees start from scratch and they learn as they go.