Health & Wellness

Edina Morningside Rotary Club celebrated 25 years with a hangar dance at Thunderbird Aviation in January.

V. George “Doc” Nagobads’ living room in Edina is filled with trophies that read, “Hall of Fame,” “Excellence in…,” “In Honor of…” And his recent book, Gold, Silver & Bronze: A Doctor’s Devotion to American Hockey, is filled with the stories that earned him those trophies.

Ever feel a midnight urge for a little tree pose? You never need to deny yourself a yoga class again. Edina’s Yoga Fit opened in January, offering virtual and live sessions at all hours. “Our whole goal is to make yoga more accessible,” says owner Ashok Dhariwal.

Students in Edina swim programs have been known to quickly go from zero to 100 in terms of skill.

Danish Delight

Karen and Eddy Christensson dine out with Edina Magazine at Søllerød while in Copenhagen (above).

A Potter in Portugal

The Edina High School prom takes place this month, so we asked a few parents for advice. From preparation to safety, here are a few tips for the big night out.

Are you or your out-of-town guests looking for the best ways to experience Edina? Do you have business associates visiting or are you planning an event?

Duck. Rabbit. Cricket.

You can call the Edina Dance Team a number of things: hard working, talented, determined. But whatever you do, don’t call them the Hornettes.

Edina resident Roy Smalley, a 13-season major league baseball player (including nine seasons with the Minnesota Twins), hasn’t completely left the game.