How to Matter More

Successful business owner writes about achieving relevance.

Tom Hayes recalls a charmed childhood in Edina, at a time when homes were brimming with large families and plenty of kids to play with. Hayes graduated from Edina East High School and credits a teacher named John O’Doherty for inspiring his love of literature and lifelong learning. Hayes later became the founder and owner of the Minneapolis advertising agency Riley Hayes and has recently co-authored a book, Relevance: Matter More.

In the book, Hayes incorporates life experiences to help readers learn how they can matter more to others. “It’s not about becoming famous or financially successful,” he says. “It’s about being real to ourselves and others; turning our gifts into something that goes beyond the ordinary and then applying our gifts to fill the needs of others.”

Hayes will be the keynote speaker at the Connecting with Kids Leadership Breakfast on March 6. For more information about the book or speaking engagements, visit or