December 2014

In the December issue of Edina Magazine you'll find a Galleria gift sampler, learn 4 ways you can stress less in December, and meet Edina's agility dogs.

“Moans from homeowners who find snowdrifts deposited by snowplows in newly shoveled driveways can be silenced,” Popular Mechanics wrote in November 1962, about an invention created in the village of Edina, Minnesota.


December can be busy; almost too busy at times. With a full calendar of events, out-of-town guests on the way, shopping to do and more errands planned for later, schedules get overloaded. And there just may not be time to make dinner or bake treats for every event.


David Yurman at the Galleria launched its Forged Carbon Collection with a shopping event to benefit the Greg Jennings Foundation.


You don’t have to go too far from home to celebrate on New Year’s Eve. Family-focused celebrations and restaurant bar specials are all over Edina.

Make a resolution to join in the revelry, and have a happy New Year!


Edina residents love their dogs. You never have to go too far to see a pooch out on the town—walking, sniffing, running or playing.


December is the month to celebrate family and holiday cheer, but it’s also one of the busiest times of the year. Between dinner parties, the kids’ holiday concerts, baking cookies, and getting the house ready for guests, who has time to go gift-shopping?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Edina resident Elvi Bankey, who spends up to two months adorning her home with a beautiful display of antique Christmas decorations. Bankey has always enjoyed decorating for the holidays. “It’s a happy time of year,” she says.


Edina native Jennifer Mayerle is back in town and doesn’t have plans to leave anytime soon.


Holly Birkeland finally found the perfect cookie cutter. After three years of baking basic sugar cookies—in other words, forming holiday shapes by hand (gasp!), she and her young kids would finally be able to make the perfect Christmas cookies.


Every weekday for more than 40 years, Edina’s Meals on Wheels program has been delivering hot meals to residents.


Lori Syverson is a perfect champion for the new Life Reimagined program in Edina. She once lived in Wisconsin, a divorced 46-year-old with a good job. But when her youngest son left for college, Syverson wanted something more from life.


VocalEssence, founded in 1969, has captivated audiences for decades with its world-renowned ensemble. And on December 13, VocalEssence comes to Edina.


One of the things people love about pets is their energy; there’s nothing like being greeted at the door by a happy pet. An appointment with an animal chiropractor may be the best way to ensure this enthusiastic behavior continues.


No skates? No problem. When she was in seventh grade, Edina resident Sarah Miller started a program in which old or unwanted ice skates are donated and distributed to Edina-area warming houses, so neighbors without skates can partake in the fun.


Photographers Andrew Vick and Kate Schmitt offer top tips for capturing your best family portrait.

What to wear


Holly Hastings, a Minneapolis artist who grew up in Edina, was living alone in an isolated northern cabin to work on her memoir. Feeling lonely, she travelled to Hibbing to adopt a cat from the animal shelter.


“Tireless” is the adjective long-time friend and nominator Ann Schulze uses to describe Kathleen Foye MacLennan, recipient of a 2014 Connecting with Kids Leadership Award.


The holidays are for indulging. Gifts. Friends. Family. Food. And of course, a few celebratory drinks. There is something special about a festive holiday cocktail. Amy Danielson, bartender at Edina Grill, suggests trying drinks “that remind you of Christmas with their smell.


If you’ve ever dreamed of having more than a few minutes to chat with Santa Claus, here’s some of what he told us when we caught up with him at Southdale Center.