December 2015 Edina Magazine

In the December issue see how Jeanne Anselmo transforms Galleria's holiday decor, check out our stress-free local gift guide and find new eats in Edina!

How did Edina’s fledging hockey program of the 1950s become a state powerhouse in such a short time? Former youth coach Bill Ryerse answers in a word: “Traveling.”


Gift giving should be fun, but too often we worry about what is right. Relax—give food and go local. Everyone eats, so food gifts are an ideal choice. Tasty choices are as abundant as fresh snowflakes in Edina.


It’s new. It’s fun. It’s Dave & Buster’s at Southdale. The 41,500-square-foot entertainment venue is impressive, with a staff of 200, a sports bar atmosphere, games galore, and a full bar and kitchen.


Last year, the management team for Galleria Edina decided it was time to freshen the upscale mall’s holiday themed décor. Marketing executives began a search for the best possible holiday décor company to transform the mall’s interior into a sophisticated holiday experience for shoppers.


It pays to do a little planning before holiday shopping. For some, gift buying is exhilarating—which is great—but can also make you vulnerable to overbuying and impulse purchases.


Former Edina High School and University of Minnesota hockey stars Bruce Carlson and Skip Thomas have tirelessly collected and compile


When Olivia Stieler von Heydekampf was a sophomore at Edina High School in 2013, her parents asked if she’d be interested in a summer study abroad program in Madrid. Olivia’s immediate response was no. It wasn’t that Olivia was intimidated by international travel.


When Tyler Brower’s plans to play hockey his freshman year at Gustavus Adolphus College were interrupted by injury, hours that would otherwise have been spent on the ice loomed, empty, in front of him. In response, the 21-year-old Edina High School graduate chose to act on faith.


“No water, no life. No blue, no green,” says Sylvia Earle, National Geographic explorer-in-residence. The simple yet powerful sentiment is shared by Edina business owner Tim Murphy. “You can’t get people healthy unless they have clean water,” he says. “It’s a basic necessity of life.”


Since 1997, community religious leaders have served as fire and police chaplains to support the enforcement community in Edina. Sgt. Nate Mendel invited Edina Magazine to speak with the chaplains during their monthly meeting in August.


Miguel “Michael” Aguilar found a way to mend his broken heart. As a boy, he worked as an apprentice tailor in a town two hours south of Guadalajara, Mexico. “The finer the clothes, the more I was interested,” he says.


Originating in the 1950s, the Wanderers started as a club where women new to Edina could meet other Edina women through social activities. Back then, the group went by the name Edina Newcomers and then Edina Newcomers and Friends.


Creative holiday gifts can be found at Needlework Unlimited, from classes and accessories to handmade sweaters and mittens. Classes range from beginners’ crafts to specific projects, such as creating mittens or ponchos.


Edina hockey is growing, says Susie Miller, general manager at Braemar Arena. The culture of playing hockey outdoors and braving the Minnesota weather is also popular again. Despite the bitter cold, Edina residents skate outdoors throughout winter at many of the city’s outdoor rinks.


The Edina Hockey Association continues to grow, hosting several tournaments each year. Along with the Braemar 50th anniversary celebration in December, the arena also hosts several large tournaments each year, with teams from around the country for some, and from around the world for others.


Many families will bring their children to meet Santa at the mall during the Christmas season, but in Edina, residents also have a chance to see Santa in his naturally chilly environment.


Looking for a way to beat the winter blues? Use nature to create art with ice lanterns, says Bachman’s floral horticulturalist Jeanna Smith. Ice lanterns are created by freezing water in a hollow orb and then placing a candle in the middle.


Warren Beck is no stranger to the Edina business community. His real estate interests and successes in this market go back decades. He still has close ties to the community and a passion for excellence that guides his latest triumph in neighboring Bloomington, a restaurant called Lela.


We Minnesotans take our winter wear seriously, insisting on warmth and function. But we need not sacrifice style.


Haute Flower Boutique owners Bridget Connell and Marsha Hunt suggest making outdoor arrangements festive by adding fresh evergreens, spruce tips and cedar. Give outdoor pots the holiday treatment by adding tree lights.


Fairview Southdale celebrates 50 years of providing care with an expanded emergency center.