March 2015

In the March issue of Edina Magazine you'll learn why celebity chef Daniel Green is settling in Edina, find tips from Edina's rare spirits and wine guru, and learn how the son of a beloved local retailer is following in his father's footsteps.

Parents of Cornelia Elementary students gather for an annual fundraising event at Pinstripes.


Seafood lends itself to every culinary style, from haute cuisine to good old-fashioned Midwestern fish fries. So why eat fish only on Fridays during Lent? You can indulge in tasty fish dishes in Edina any time of year.


When most people talk about moving, they mean changing addresses. When Edina brothers Frank and John Garrison moved houses, they really moved houses — as in, they jacked up a house off its foundation, put it on a trailer and drove it to a new location.


An Italian-American fusion restaurant might seem an offbeat destination for your St.


The digital world is awash in social media, and it’s not all pointless commentary and duck-lipped selfies. Amazing creativity is happening in cyberspace, especially in the realm of photography.


Homebuyers usually have a long wish list, and it’s a tall order to find everything in one home that will stand the test of time, as families grow and needs change.


Somewhere close by, a neighbor flips through the television channels. He or she stops, momentarily, on a cooking show. Minutes tick by. A handsome and charming man with a British accent has captivated the viewer. They can’t change the channel.


When Jeff Lu moved to Edina from China in 2009, he barely knew English, let alone what the roadmap to college readiness should look like. Lu’s only brother had never attended college and opted out of moving to America, so that left Lu with his uncle and mother to turn to in Minnesota.


Anthony Novachis has childhood memories of accompanying his father, John, to work at a men’s clothing store. “We’d go in before opening,” Anthony says. “I’d help vacuum, crush boxes and ticket clothing.” He never imagined he would one day walk in his father’s footsteps.


For the past 50 years Hennepin County Library outreach services have provided an essential resource to elderly, disabled and housebound library patrons.


The craft cocktail craze that began just a few years ago is good business for bars and restaurants, and also for Edina resident Eric Seed, who owns the rare wine and spirits importer Haus Alpenz.


Spring break is approaching, and while the thought of escaping this frozen tundra is enticing, going from wearing bulky sweaters to a bathing suit can be slightly terrifying. Not to worry—Lee Hersh, a food and fitness blogger and instructor at Corepower Yoga in Edina, is here to help.


Purim is the most popular, fun-filled festivity on the Jewish calendar. Based on the book of Esther, Purim commemorates the period in ancient Persia when Esther and her cousin Mordechai thwarted royal advisor Haman’s attempts to annihilate the Jewish population.


For Tracy Hvezda-Lehtola, youth services librarian at the Hennepin County Edina Library, her bibliophilia began with The Babysitters Club.


Eduard and Lyubov Yamnik visited their son Feliks and his fiancee Caywood in Memphis soon after the couple’s engagement. Photo courtesy of Eduard Yamnik.

A Nordic Getaway


Walter Langdon returns from World War I to Iowa where he buys a farm near his parents and starts his family. It is 1920. His wife, Rosanna, manages the farmhouse and cares for their baby, Frankie. Milk, eggs, meat, and grain come from their labor.


Edina Art Center offers a robust line-up of beginner art classes. Registration for next month’s beginning pottery and basic drawing classes fills up fast.


Thanks to the Chef’n Zipstrip, you can actually use that rosemary in your window garden. This small device separates herbs from their stems and collects them in a convenient bowl. $7.99


If your closets are brimming with stuff, Anna Braasch of Edina-based Simplify with Anna can help exorcise the demons she calls “delayed decisions.” As you sift through your surplus, “look at each object, decide if it will help you accompl


In 2006, at the tender age of 10, Edina native Madeleine Hage traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as part of a volunteer effort with Headwaters Disaster Relief.


Edina-based recording artist Jason Quaynor is an assistant coordinator for Teen Tech Center, an after-school art space at the Minneapolis Central Library. It’s an ideal outlet for his talents as both artist and pedagogue. “I’ve been working with teens since I was a teen,” says Quaynor.