November 2018

Capturing a favorite seasonal memory.
A new look with familiar favorites at Q. Cumbers
Q. Cumbers is one of the few remaining American-style buffet restaurants in the Midwest.
Various food items at the Red River Kitchen
The recent addition of Red River Kitchen at Braemar makes this golf course a year-round foodie destination.
Taylor Ellingson eats brownies with her child.
Local food blogger Taylor Ellingson lives a healthy lifestyle but also loves a daily does of chocolate.
The Edina Education Fund provides up to $700,000 in grants each year throughout the district.
A pie from Patisserie Margo.
Whet your autumn appetite with seasonal treats from Patisserie Margo.
Edina artist Jeff Troldahl
Jeff Troldahl is a man of many talents.
Vanessa Dembo accessorizes with a Latin vibe
Through her online business Vanessa Style Shop, Dembo sells handmade accessories created by Venezuelan artists.
World War II war camp survivor Sally Sudo
The frequent sand storms are one of the things Sally Sudo, an 82-year-old Edina resident, remembers most from the years she and her family were imprisoned in a Japanese American World War II camp after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Tatiana Berenova teaches ballet students at her Edina studio
Berenova passes on lessons from her own teachers to her students.
Local realtors Brad and Heather Fox, stars of HGTV's Stay or Sell
Edina’s Brad and Heather Fox have been in the design and real estate business for years and this year they made it HGTV official.
Author Caitlin Hamilton Summie
Caitlin Hamilton Summie published "To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts" in 2017.
Step up your favorite backyard ingredient.
Greek salad, featuring tabbouleh.
While it may not look like what we know as a traditional salad, this flavorful dish combines all the classic Mediterranean tastes into one delicious meal.
A group of people train at  Edina’s new Barre3 studio
From teenagers to men to 73-year-olds, Edina Barre3 owners and best friends Lucy Gardiner and Morgan Wolfe have trained every kind of body.