November 2021

This month, we celebrate family, food and upcoming celebrations. So, set the tables and send out the cards, the holidays are here!

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Food! As nourishment, as a communal experience and as a celebration … when done right, food feeds more than our bodies. It can feed our love of community and our appreciation for artistry and serve as an economic engine for our agriculture and hospitality industries.

Long Way Home

We regularly feature photo submissions from our Images of Edina photo contest in the pages of Edina Magazine and online.

Edina resident and Lasagna Love volunteer Cathy Winter

The aroma of fresh basil and oregano infused in a blanket of tomato sauce that smothers layers of baked noodles sandwiched between creamy ricotta cheese is enough to make any mouth water.


On July 1, the Edina Community Foundation held the annual Veterans Dinner at Braemar Golf Course. The event, which takes place prior to Edina’s annual Fourth of July parade, supports and recognizes area veterans.

chef Tommy Begnaud

Cajun inspired Mr. Paul’s Supper Club wants to show Edina a good time.

turkey dinner and sides

Somewhere, someone in your family or friend circle is already planning this year’s Thanksgiving meal.


It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to adapt quickly, and one of those ways was how kids got their education. Shifts from in-person learning to distance and hybrid learning formats created some gaps in learning.

Soar Leadership Council

Combining the power of brilliant researchers with passionate community members, Soar Leadership Council is a group of young female professionals in the Twin Cities that strives to uplift emerging scientists on the verge of breakthrough solutions

Clean Juice store

With the holiday season fast approaching, big meals and many unhealthy treats will surely be consumed, making it hard to stick to a healthy diet. Fortunately, there is a new juice bar in town to offer some tasty yet healthy options.

 Hamnet: A Novel of the Plague by Maggie O’Farrell

Readers live in the golden age of historical fiction, something to be thankful for. Novelists have access to more libraries, archives and institutions via digital collections and the power of the Internet.

Mary Brindle

Mary Brindle likes to be where stuff is happening, to have, “her fingers on the knobs and be a part of something,” she says. This drive is what led Brindle to say “Yes” when she was encouraged to run for city council (2009–2020).

Katherine Nash, Heritage of Edina, 1968

The conglomeration of metal shapes on the north lawn of the Edina Library on Grandview Avenue is more than a decorative copper sculpture—it’s the history of Edina.