It's Patio Season, So Sip on These Local Summer Beers

A local summer beer sits on a patio table next to a grapefruit.
Local breweries offer up their best beers for summer nights.

By: Anthony Brousseau

As the days get warmer and longer, there are few better ways to spend the sun-soaked evenings than sitting on the patio. Those wooden, brick or stone monuments to leisure provide the perfect backdrop for spring and summer nights.

And what is a night on the patio without a few beers? As winter fades away, we put away our stouts and porters for the year and reach into the cooler for something much lighter. Local breweries are happy to satisfy our hoppy hankerings, offering a slate of spring and summer sippers perfect for the patio. Here are a few palatable patio potables.

LynLake Brewery—Dirty Heffer

LynLake’s Dirty Heffer, a 5.4 percent ABV Hefeweizen, is “a marvel of liquid luxury,” the Uptown Minneapolis brewery says.

It’s available on tap to sip on their patio or to-go to enjoy on yours. Either way, they say you get “a touch of sweet and a touch of spice with this naughty summer delight.”

2934 Lyndale Avenue S., Minneapolis
Facebook: LynLake Brewery
Twitter: @LynLakeBrewery
Instagram: @lynlakebrewery

Waconia Brewing Company—Raspberry Blonde
Waconia Brewing Company Raspberry Blonde

A true summer brew, Waconia’s Raspberry Blonde won’t be available until June 3. But when it does drop, the brewery says you’ll be getting a “lightly hopped American Blonde Ale with the addition of real raspberries."

This will be a limited offering, so grab this “fruit-forward summer ale, perfect for the beach or the boat” before it’s gone.

255 Main Street West, Waconia
Facebook: Waconia Brewing Company
Twitter: @WaconiaBrewing

Steel Toe Brewing—Sommer Vice

When it comes to summer sipping, a beer’s color can be just as impactful as its flavor. Steel Toe’s Sommer Vice is the color of “a golden field of grain on a sunny day,” according to the brewery.

“A true to style Bavarian-style Hefeweizen, brewed to be perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day,” they say. “Aromas of baked bread, from the malted wheat, are accompanied by banana, clove, and hints of lemony citrus from a traditional strain of yeast.”

This low-ABV beer is perfect for warm, breezy nights. Grab a growler or 750 mL bottle from the taproom, or head to your local liquor store for 22 oz. bottles.

4848 W. 35th St.
St. Louis Park
Facebook: Steel Toe Brewing
Twitter: @SteelToeBrewing
Instagram: @steeltoebrewing

Wooden Hill Brewing—French River Saison

Patio nights are made for light, refreshing beers, and Wooden Hill’s French River Saison fits the bill.

“French River is our stab at making a balanced, floral, and refreshing version of [a saison],” Wooden Hill’s brewer says. “There’s no cloves or orange zest added to this recipe. All of the aromas and flavors are produced by the yeast.”

If that didn’t convince you, the French River Saison is now an award-winning beer. It took third place in the Belgian Farmhouse category at the inaugural MN Brewers Cup.

Wooden Hill recommends mixing French River with orange juice for a tasty beermosa (aka a Brass Monkey).

7421 Bush Lake Road, Edina
Facebook: Wooden Hill Brewing Company
Twitter: @WoodenHillBeer
Instagram: @woodenhillbrewing