Kindergarten Readiness

Educator advice on preparing your child for all-day kindergarten.

Edina public school kindergartners will have access to full days of instruction this fall. An adjustment period is normal for many youngsters experiencing full-day school for the first time. Experienced Edina educators offer advice about summer activities to best prepare your child for a successful transition.

“Encourage independence,” says Lynn Anderson, Concord Elementary kindergarten teacher. “Students need to pack and unpack their backpack, carry a lunch tray, get dressed for outdoor activities and be responsible for belongings.”

Debbe Carroll, Cornelia Elementary kindergarten teacher, suggests that kids practice zipping, buttoning and tying, as well as writing and recognizing their name. “Expose your child to a variety of school tools like pencils, crayons, markers, glue and scissors,” Carroll says.

Mastering self-help skills and the ability to follow simple instructions as well as taking turns in play and conversation will help your child ease naturally into kindergarten. Teachers also emphasize continued reading with your child. Ask questions about book characters and sequences of events to aid comprehension. And don’t forget to get outside and explore. Always encourage awareness and wonder in your young learner. For age appropriate educational games visit