January 2012

Edina Servicemen | Winter Activities | Winter Cocktails

The Edina High School Thespians have a flair for the dramatic, and people are beginning to notice.


The city kicked off its 100th birthday year in a really big way in 1988: by building a really big ice castle on the north shore of Lake Cornelia.


We dread the thought of going on a diet with the start of a new year.


1.      Lake Cornelia


As some of the coldest and longest nights of the year set in, we’re looking for any way to warm up … and keep our spirits up. Behold: the winter cocktail.



Four armed service men from Edina have served tours in Iraq, enrolled in Army Ranger School, worn the uniform in 30 countries and protected the homeland against nuclear attack.



A vicious check left Tom Schaefer motionless on the ice. The crowd at Braemar Arena gasped when the 13-year-old Edina hockey player didn’t see the cheap shot coming his way. His nervous father Mark stared intently at the rink in search of a sign that his boy was OK.


The New Year is an excellent time to get a fresh start on some of the goals we’ve been putting off. While teaching our children to be generous and kind is important to many, it can be overwhelming to talk about it in a way that kids are able to grasp.


Approximately 21 years ago in Pusan, South Korea, Woodrow “Wooj” Byun received an Ambassadorial Scholarship from the Rotary Club that set him on a journey of a lifetime; one that would take him halfway around the globe, and ultimately put him on a path that would, in his words, “make the circle f


Jim Ogg made a run for a Guinness world record in a category he calls “as exciting as watching paint dry.”


“Mopping” meat became popular during the presidency of Lyndon Johnson.


Coming in ahead of 340 other submissions, local Good Earth chef Todd Bolton won first place in Michelle Obama’s Recipes For Healthy Kids challenge. 


Karen Eckstrom, LICSW, used to work in a part of the mental health system—a system that she says is not meeting the clients’ needs. That’s why, 18 months ago, she took it upon herself to change things, creating the new Edina Comfort Care Clinic.


What does it take to create a perfect wildlife photo? If you’re Martin Freeman, you’ll start with a perfect location (Minnehaha Creek) at a perfect time (a springtime snow melt), and start snapping when you spot a specimen that strikes your fancy.


50th and France got a whole lot sportier this fall with the opening on Athleta, the women’s athletic apparel and accessory retailer that’s occupying the big corner lot formerly held by Ann Taylor Loft.


Hemp Milk Coconut Mocha