October 2012

Wine Pairing | History of Edina's Happy Hour

When a 3.2 beer joint called the Brown Derby opened in 1934 alongside the Edina Theater, even children who had free rein to wander 50th and France were sternly warned to stay out.


Ladies, ever decide on the spur of the moment to go out and give your hair a gorgeous blowout? Don’t you think you deserve to be pampered and loved, whether or not you’ve made a reservation?


“Come to Kenya. Meet my people.” This is what Mama Ada, born in Kenya, told Julie Keller one Sunday morning six-plus years ago at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Minnetonka. Ada raised 11 children on a farm in Kenya.


After watching Waiting for Superman, Bonnie McGrath became a crusader for kids.


“Iconic” best describes artist Bill Mack’s work, studio, art and memorabilia collection. Mack is known for his relief sculptures primarily of the sensuous female form.


When you drive by a restaurant on a Tuesday evening and the line is streaming out the door, you know they’re doing something right.


For Heidi Nelson, the grammar exercises of language immersion weren’t enough.


Edina High School’s student newspaper, Zephyrus, is ramping up its web presence at edinazephyrus.com, in only its second year of consistently publishing content online.


The second Edina Film Festival, fresh off its inaugural year last October,
the festival returns October 25-27 and brings with it a crop of new and acclaimed locally themed films.


“Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, French-fried parakeet …” Remember that childhood song? There are many regional versions, but they all end with a lament for a spoon.


When An Nguyen, owner of Edina’s Rice Paper restaurant, recalls her childhood in Hue, Vietnam, a rush of emotion accompanies her bittersweet memories.


Walk down the streets near 50th and France and you’ll notice restaurant-goers sipping on a glass of wine, relaxing with a beer or enjoying their favorite cocktail. It’s happy hour in Edina, and hard-working citizens are ready to celebrate with a classic beverage in hand.     


Some believe that pairing the subtle nuances of food with the right wine is an exact science. Others claim it’s impossible to match heavy sauces, spices or certain vegetables.  But wine and food pairing is merely a balancing act that requires patience and practice.