September 2011

Weddings | Art for Kids

For most Edina children, the school year begins with a bus ride. Navigating the big stairs, figuring out where to sit—window or aisle seat, up by the bus driver or back with the big kids—is an old rite of passage.


If you see it like we do, then you probably look forward to the cake as the highlight of any social gathering.


1. Formosa High Mountain Tea, Lauderdale, Minn.

With the tea and accompanying products imported directly from China, you know you’re in for an authentic and awesome experience to keep you warm and snug as the leaves start to fall.


One of the most exciting parts of being a parent is to imagine the possibilities. Could you have the next Truman Capote, Jackson Pollock or Beyoncé on your hands?


Most married couples will, without pause, tell you that their wedding day was one of the best days of their lives. Sure, they committed their undying love to one another. But they also threw one of the biggest parties of their lives.


Finnish-American folk musicians Sara Pajunen and Jonathan Rundman were barely acquainted eleven months ago, but fate threw them together.


When a life-upending earthquake hit Japan last March, reverberations were felt in Edina, sending one resident into action.


You don’t need to be an Italian chef to cook like one. At least that’s what Antonio Cecconi says, and he's a pizza expert.

What makes him an expert? Well, for one thing, he’s a born-and-bred Italian.


Christine Clifford likes to quip that not only is she one of those people who can take life’s lemons and make the proverbial lemonade—she’s also the kind of gal who can build, piece-by-lemon-stained-piece, the lemonade stand in which it is sold.


Being blessed with the sense of smell is a wonderful gift. Catching a whiff of a familiar scent is sure to conjure a fond memory or two, whether it’s the Chanel No. 5 your grandmother always wore or the first bottle you purchased with your own money.


Planning a wedding on a budget is no easy feat. But thanks to the Brides at 50th and France program and the new “I Do” card, cost-cutting is a little easier.


As the world struggles to find a solution to the continuing problem of maritime piracy, one Edina company has joined the fight.


You know there’s not just one big art festival in town.


What year did Edina officially become a city? How much did the first home in the Country Club District sell for? The recently released set of Edina playing cards will answer these questions, along with 50 others.


The Edina Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services was ranked No.1 in the nation in sudden cardiac arrest survival, according to a recent study by the national Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) program.


What makes a perfect party? If you were to ask Antoinette Ramos, she’d likely say that a big part of it is creating the perfect aesthetic experience for your guests.