September 2013

In the September 2013 issue of Edina Magazine, you'll read about a local sister duo, Chasing Lovely, headed for Nashville. You'll also get to know Edina's treasure seekers and get a preview of the Historic Homes Tour. September is also our nuitrition edition. You'll have a chance to learn more about Fairview Southdale's new health classes and Edina's first edible playgound!

Emma Lind Rovick was an average suburban housewife in the 1940s, when she and her husband, Odd, were busy raising two sons and a daughter. But in the early 1950s, when daughter Janice wanted a piano, Rovick went to work as a secretary in a real estate office to earn a little pin money.


You can help fight crime, whether or not you wear a badge and drive a squad car.


A September harvest dinner for participants in the Lewis Park playground program, including their families and volunteers, will conclude growing-season activities for Edina’s first edible playground.


It’s fall, and the golf season is winding down, with only a few more opportunities to hit the links.


In the popular imagination, hiring an au pair is often considered an extravagance, a thing of fantasy. Think Mary Poppins. Think Maria von Trapp.


Concord, an IT business support company owned by three Edina residents, has lit up Edina with pride. By donating a state-of-the-art baseball scoreboard to Courtney Field, the owners, Stuart Nutting, Jeff Northrup and Chris Davis, have shared their business success with the entire community.


Drive around Edina and you’ll notice many streets with names of the families whose farms once graced that land: Grimes, Code, Gleason, Cooper.


Since 1999, the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA) has grown to support a network of more than 800 survivors statewide.


In the wee hours of Friday, April 19, with New England in shock from the Boston Marathon bombings the previous Monday, Edina native Andrew Kitzenberg suddenly had a bird’s-eye view of the events that riveted the nation.At 12:46 a.m., on the street below his Watertown, Mass., apartment, the Tsarn


Nancy Acker didn’t think she could paint. After retiring in 1997 from her job as a psychologist in the Minneapolis school system, she had taken woodcarving and sculpture classes at the Edina Art Center, but was apprehensive about picking up a brush.


Tom Rob Smith's debut novel, Child 44, remains to this day one of the best thrillers I have ever read. Exciting, adventuresome, at times disturbing and extraordinarily original, Child 44 is one of those rare debuts that seems impossible to top.



With more shoes than space, attorney Lindsay Sokolowski needed to find a way to organize her large shoe collection into her small living space. In 2007, after trying and failing with clothespins and wires, Sokolowski came up with the Boot Hanger.


Edina High School (EHS) is starting off the school year by welcoming back, Troy Stein, this time as the new assistant principal and activities director.Stein began his high school teaching career at EHS in 1998, but left to teach at Chaska High School in 2004, and served as the assistant princip


As summer metamorphoses into radiant autumn and paints nature’s canvas, this is the perfect month to appreciate art.


Some kids struggle to find their way, but Alex Conrad, an eighth grader at Valley View Middle School, knows exactly where he is all the time. That’s because Alex has a mind for maps and geography.


Some comestibles require neither introduction nor explanation, and chili is one of them.


With rising health care costs and a population of baby boomers who aren’t getting any younger, the role of consumer education and preventive care for Edina’s senior citizens is more important than ever. While Fairview Southdale Hospital has long been recognized for its world-class stroke, heart


A sister duo from Edina, known as Chasing Lovely, may just shatter conventional images of Nashville country music makers. Taylor and Chloe Turner ventured to Nashville in 2010 to make their mark on the country music scene.


There is something thrilling about seeing the inside of other people’s houses. As a young trick-or-treater I yearned to be invited into the foyer in order to crane my neck and imagine the family’s world within, each residence a culture unto itself.