Majestic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Award-winning sculpture artist creates beautiful iron animals.

Iron sculptures by artist Jim Dehne are proving quite popular in Edina. After winning Public Art Edina people’s choice award for “Three Dancing Sandhill Cranes”—purchased by the city in 2015 and currently located in the new water feature on the Promenade—Dehne’s work won again in 2016. In fact, his iron sculptures were awarded first and second place in 2016 for “Peacock Display” and “Horseplay,” respectively.

This former dairy farmer turned artist resides in Wisconsin. “I got started by accident,” Dehne says. He created something for some artist friends who encouraged him to do more. “I went to art shows and ran into the right people and the right artists to help me on my way.”

Dehne begins with iron rods in his machine shed/artist studio situated on 30 acres in Newton, Wis. “I cut them up and twist them,” he says. “Sometimes I know before I start welding what bends I need; some things are by accident.”

Dehne is inspired by birds and horses. “I like the way [birds] move. You can make them really graceful in their movement.” As for sculpting horses, he says, “When I see a horse rearing up, I see certain areas, not the whole thing.” While working, Dehne doesn’t try to stand back and figure things out. He says, “It’s already in my head and it comes.”

“Peacock Display” is located on the Promenade. “Horseplay” is located at Halifax Avenue South and 50th. Both sculptures are available for sale. Dehne also does custom work and welcomes art enthusiasts to visit his studio for a look around. Visit for more information.