Men’s Style Guide

Style tips from a few of Edina’s most fashionable men.
Mark Parrish understands the importance of style and first impressions.

“First impression is everything,” explains Mark Parrish, a realtor who is in the business of making first impressions. Parrish describes his wardrobe and style as “formal preppy.”

Dack Ragus, of Dack Consulting Services, is all about looking good for less. His go-to men’s shop, an online store called, sells “mainstream and obscure Italian brands for a fraction of retail.”

These two stylish Edina guys have tried and tested products and styles, and have found things that work for them. They get regular haircuts from their favorite stylist, keep a daily care routine, and have career and weekend wardrobes to help them look and feel their best.

The most important element in any man’s wardrobe, according to Parrish, is clothes that fit well. He has his clothes tailored or custom-made so they fit perfectly. On weekends or in more casual settings, he might have a more laid-back style, but prefers to stick to a comfortable but professional look.

Ragus notes the importance of shoes in his—or any guy’s—wardrobe. One of his favorite pairs are “sneakerized” dress shoes that keep his feet comfortable but look professional. In his downtime, the real sneakers come out. In his opinion, footwear makes the outfit. “A guy can be in a pair of Levi’s and a $10 T-shirt, and with the right footwear, can look dope,” Ragus says.

Both men stress that good style does not have to cost big money. Finding clothes that fit right and are high quality is always important. According to Ragus, men don’t need much more than a phone booth-sized closet to put together a wardrobe. That’s where Parrish would disagree: He has three closets.