Normandale Elementary Gets One-of-a-kind Playground

Normandale Elementary recently installed a brand new IONiX playground manufactured by GameTime and built by Minnesota/Wisconsin Playground.

IONiX equipment supports a more expressive and creative way to play that ultimately leads to use of the upper body, core and legs. Typically, children won’t even realize they are strengthening muscles.

“It’s art, science and sculptural,” says Harlan Lehman, president of Minnesota/Wisconsin Playground. “There’s no correct way to use it.”

While the playground will feature traditional equipment, such as slides and a suspension bridge, this state-of-the-art IONiX equipment will be the main focus. Being the first of its kind in the metro area for a school playground, it will feature a 33-foot long zipline, a requirement from the school according to principal Chris Holden. Other features include a climbable DNA-chain and an expression swing that seats two children on one swing allowing friends to swing with each other.

“We were trying to meet the needs of the kids,” Holden says. “We know the kids will love playing on the new equipment.”