Online Resource Nextdoor Helps Edina Neighbors Stay Connected

Online resource helps Edina neighbors stay connected.

Finding a babysitter at the last minute just got a whole lot easier. Neighborhoods throughout Edina are tapping into Nextdoor, an online resource that helps neighbors connect with each other. Nextdoor works much like Facebook: You register with your email address, and it provides the tools to communicate easily with people down the street from you.

Annie Coyle, a management fellow at Edina City Hall, notes the importance of neighborhood associations and the impact Nextdoor has on the ability to easily form them. “Members of our city staff use Nextdoor in their own neighborhoods, and it’s exciting to see that happening,” Coyle says. “We’re trying to find new strategies to help Edina residents stay connected.” Among those strategies, communications and administration teams at the city are utilizing Nextdoor to send messages to Edina neighborhoods with relevant, breaking information—think: a sewer is blocked, and residents need to know.

Vist the Nextdoor website for more information.