Ukasha Daka

Ukasha Dakane has been an Edina resident for seven years.

Each year in our special Prep Elite issue, Edina Magazine seeks to spotlight students who exemplify hard-working, positive minded and compassionate characteristics.

Diane Harr and her daughter Kelsey, 29, and son Ricky, 26, are lifelong residents of Edina.


Three Edina High School students are winners of the Minnesota Aspirations in Computing award. The award honors young women in grades nine through 12 for their computing-related achievements and interests in technology.

Amazing teachers often provide incredible opportunities but don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. For example, Mrs.
Joe Dunn, a basketball player for Benilde-St.
Last year, Patty Dronen started thinking about the upcoming Edina High School senior party.

Chad Eischens, the general manager at Braemar athletic facilities, spent nine years as an activities director and community education director before his current position. “There’s been a sharp learning curve” for the past several months, Eischens says.

Jennifer Adam joined the Edina Historical Society as executive director in April 2016.

Edina families regularly and generously open their homes to students from other countries who want to study in America. It’s been a wonderful experience for these families and students.

The Rogers Family