Photographer from Philippines Falling for Minnesota’s Four Seasons

by | Nov 2018

"Lines of Trees"

Photo: Ariella Alfonzo

Capturing a favorite seasonal memory.

For Ariella Alfonzo, the sight of color-changing leaves isn’t one she’s used to. With great lighting and captivating colors, it was hard not to snap a photograph of beautiful fall foliage. Afonzo’s photograph was on display at Braemar Arena for an Art of Edina showcase.

Alfonzo moved to Minnesota from the Philippines nearly three years ago to study hospitality management. “The education here is way different than in the Philippines,” Alfonzo says. “Even though I can study in my home country, I want to experience something different.” And her time here has been different, especially experiencing the four seasons, which is her favorite part.

Her photo, titled Lines of Trees, was unexpectedly captured in Centennial Lakes Park. Alfonzo and her friends were taking other photos when she noticed the sunlight against the trees, and decided to take a shot of it with her iPhone. The nature, the leaves and the entire park is perfect, in Alfonzo’s opinion, and that’s what makes this a great photograph.

Alfonzo is currently enrolled in Normandale College’s hospitality management program. She considers herself a hobbyist and an avid photographer. She says, “Even though I’m not a pro, I always satisfy myself with my pictures. So I feel like a pro.” She enjoys exploring Minnesota’s beautiful tourist spots with her friends.

“[That day in Edina] is one of my best memories from here,” Alfonzo says. “So I knew that if I took a picture of it, it would last longer.”


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