What’s a Tomatillo? Rojo Mexican Grill Explains

by | Nov 2018



Step up your favorite backyard ingredient.

It’s time to expand your garden and your dinner plate, because tomatillos are in and these little fruits are packed full of flavor. And no, tomatillos are not “baby” tomatoes. They are an entirely different fruit and bring an entirely different flavor to the plate.

Sometimes called husk tomatoes, tomatillos are small, green tomatoes with a dry, leafy husk wrapped around the outside. Though they aren’t as acidic as typical tomatoes, the flavor has a little bit of spice. Ben Albaugh, manager of Rojo Mexican Grill, says they can be prepared in any way tomatoes are prepared.

Rojo Mexican Grill prepares tomatillos in many of its signature dishes, including tacos, enchiladas and the deliciously popular salsa. To use tomatillos at home, Albaugh recommends using them to create a tomato sauce to add flavor into any dish. Another good trick is to fire roast them, chop them and add into salsa. Albaugh says, “Tomatillos are truly a good accompaniment for any dish.”

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