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Jim and Franny Post deal with a major rupture in their marriage by going on vacation. They pack their emotional baggage and fly to Mallorca for two weeks with their adult children and close married friends, Charles and Lawrence. Can great food, old friends and beautiful vistas remind two people of why they fell in love and what they share? Like Diane Johnson’s Le Divorce, Emma Straub takes her readers into the minds of Americans abroad. An insightful and humorous novel, The Vacationers is a great book club selection and the perfect choice for an October getaway weekend. Maureen Millea Smith

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Resveratrol found in red wines has been shown to increase good cholesterol if used in moderation and combined with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Amusée offers wine and yoga classes, called Vinyoga. Each class is designed around a one-hour yoga practice paired to an hour-long wine tasting afterward—balancing all the benefits of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Check for this month’s Vinyoga experience.

In the meantime, my “healthy” red wine pick for October comes from Napa Valley winery Peju. The winery’s 2010 merlot is an absolute treat, plump with juicy bits of blackberry, raspberry and blueberry wrapped perfectly around a sultry center of sage, black currant and smoky bacon fat. A perfect balance for a healthy diet!Leslee Miller

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Shirley Horn is a preeminent mood setter of jazz music. Her vocals are sweet and sensitive, and her phrasing lets the listener know she’s lived the words she sings. She is also an incredible pianist, and often accompanies herself on her recordings, including this month’s selection, Here’s to Life. The arrangements are breathtaking, and the title song “Here’s to Life” is a wonderful backdrop for many of life’s experiences. Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis makes a guest appearance on “A Time for Love” and “Quietly There,” giving those tunes an extra-added tenderness you’ll enjoy having on in the background as you savor that new bottle of wine. This is one of my personal favorites of all time. “Here’s to life, here’s to love, here’s to you.” Patty Peterson

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