Seafood Makes a Splash

Enjoy traditional and exotic fish dishes around Edina.
Enjoy some fine (fish) dining with pistachio crusted Chilean sea bass from McCormick & Schmick’s.

Seafood lends itself to every culinary style, from haute cuisine to good old-fashioned Midwestern fish fries. So why eat fish only on Fridays during Lent? You can indulge in tasty fish dishes in Edina any time of year.

Pistachio-crusted Chilean Sea Bass

McCormick & Schmick’s

Treat yourself to a chef’s choice seafood selection at McCormick & Schmick’s, such as the pistachio-crusted Chilean sea bass over a bed of mushroom risotto. Opposing sweet and savory notes harmonize the dish. A pop of color comes from accents of springy pea purée, lemon-blackberry relish and a bright berry reduction. Boasting a high fat content, Chilean sea bass has a texture similar to halibut. Executive chef Paul Neu sears the sea bass to heighten its flavors. “Sea bass is light and flaky when it is cooked right. It just melts in your mouth,” he says. $34.99. 3203 Galleria, Edina Westin Galleria; 952.920.1142.

Seafood Agra Plate

Agra Culture Kitchen & Press

Take the culinary plunge with the Agra plate and create your own seafood platter. Choose from eight proteins, including seared wild salmon, seared marinated scallops, chilled sesame-seared tuna or sautéed shrimp. Finish the dish with your choice of two sides and a sauce. Choices are many, but for seafood the broccolini with dried chili flakes, sesame oil and garlic makes a perfect complementary side. For a sauce, try either the spicy miso with hoisin, tamari and ginger or the Greek tzatziki with dill, yogurt, cucumber and lemon. Your selections will be assembled right before your eyes and sizzled into a fresh sauté. “It’s fun because you can get exactly what you want,” says Diana Bassett, executive chef. Agra Culture’s fast-casual sensibility ensures your seafood creation will arrive to your table within 10 minutes. Proteins range from $6-$8, each side is $3.50. 3717 W. 50th St.; 612.345.5442.

Pan-fried Walleye

Eden Avenue Grill

Take a look at the chalkboard by the entrance for the daily special. Often, the pan-fried walleye makes the list. This is a true Minnesota meal. A big fish dinner is ultimate northwoods comfort food that brings back memories of the cabin by the lake. An 8- to 9-ounce piece of fish, plus sides, satisfies even a lumberjack-sized hunger. A light breading crusts the walleye and seals in freshwater flavors, and yes, this fish is always fresh and never frozen. In fact, the walleye only makes the menu when the catch is available. The pan-fried walleye has been a customer favorite for about 10 years, according to Brett Johnson, co-owner. “A definite popular item, especially among Minnesotans — a lot of people grew up eating it. It’s kind of a staple,” says Johnson. $19. 5101 Arcadia Ave.; 952.925.5628.

Clam Chowder

Patisserie Margo

Soup’s on New England-style at Patisserie Margo. While the soup menu changes daily, the clam chowder is usually available several Fridays during Lent. The clam chowder makes an ample alternative to meat with a side of fresh-baked French bread. Although a vegetable stock is usually used, this is a rich soup—a dose of heavy cream goes in at the end. The traditional recipe gets earthy warmth from a mix of thyme and coriander. Some healthy chunks of fresh carrots and celery go into the pot, too. “We just add some more vegetables to make it more exciting than clams and potatoes,” says Sam Bredeson, head baker/soup maker. 12-ounce bowl $5, quart $13. 5133 Gus Young Lane.; 952.926.0548.

Anchovy Pizza

Pizza Rev

This classic pizza topping has a serious salty smack. “If you are not used to it, [anchovies] will kind of overpower everything,” says Aaron Lees, general manager. But anchovy fans can rejoice—they’re always an option here, where personally inspired build-your-own pizzas reign. Complement fishy flavors with a traditional margherita base of zesty red sauce, smooth mozzarella cheese, crushed tomatoes, spicy garlic and aromatic basil. True Italian anchovy pizza has no cheese, but a little added creaminess melds the punch of anchovies piled on this pizza. $7.95. 7529 France Ave. S.; 952.831.0337.

Salmon in Parchment

Peoples Organic

Classic French cooking turns out amazing dishes like the salmon in parchment. The robust flavors of wild Pacific salmon tone down during the preparation. The fish is steamed in a ginger-garlic marinade, basting in flavors without the addition of fat, save a drizzle of light sesame oil. “It’s a healthy way to prepare the fish,” says Ray Roberts, co-owner and chef. The dish is completed by sides of organic short-grained brown rice, seasonal vegetables and a mesclun salad with housemade blue cheese dressing. Besides being a sensationally satisfying seafood dish, the salmon in parchment is gluten-free. $14. 3545 Galleria; 952.426.1856.

Fish & Chips

Pig & Fiddle

For authentic British fish and chips, head to the Pig & Fiddle. Atlantic cod gets a tasty deep-fried treatment complete with hand-cut fries and a fancy homemade tartar sauce called remoulade pickle. Brooklyn Brown Ale goes into the batter. “The beer that we use is what makes the dish,” says BJ Hallquist, executive chef; the brew is also available on tap. Eat like the English do—try a little of the malt vinegar, the traditional seasoning for fish and chips. The Euro-styled brew pub atmosphere adds to the fun and flavor. $15. 3808 W. 50th St.; 612.354.2678.

Playboy Roll 


Among Raku’s special sushi rolls, only one has true flame-sparked heat. The show-stopping Playboy roll makes a fiery entrance. Equally dramatic and delicious, the playboy is a unique take on traditional sushi with “the play on that personality of a playboy,” says Amber Lu, server. A protective drape of aluminum foil encases shrimp tempura, asparagus, spicy tuna and sushi shrimp seasoned with three Japanese sauces. Just open the aluminum foil to unveil a smoky roll bursting with seafood goodness. $16. 3939 W. 50th St.; 952.358.2588.