Second Saturday Offers Everything You Need to Navigate the Divorce Process (Sponsored)

Lisa Byrne and Kyle Wermerskirchen, two presenters at Second Saturday Twin Cities
Second Saturday workshops are designed to guide those navigating a divorce through the legal, financial and emotional/social aspects of the process.

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences a person may go through in life—a time of immense grief, stress and confusion. Oftentimes people don’t know where to begin.

Second Saturday, a twice a month workshop in the Twin Cities area, is a great start.

These workshops take place throughout the metro area and are designed to guide those navigating a divorce through the legal, financial and emotional/social aspects of the process. Each month professionals from those fields answer questions, help attendees better understand the process and guide them down the right path for their families.

“The professionals I work with in these programs are a wonderful group of individuals,” says Lisa Byrne, founder of the Minnesota program. “We work diligently to match our attendees with the appropriate professionals based on their needs.”

Byrne is a financial presenter for the workshops, focusing on cash flow analysis, budgets and financial statements. She assists with spousal support proposals, asset splits, social security maximization and other issues. Byrne understands the importance finance has in every divorce, especially for baby boomers. They are the fastest growing demographic for divorce and don’t have time to make up for financial mistakes.

While the workshops were originally designed for women, Second Saturday encourages both men and women to attend so each party receives the same information, hopefully easing the divorce process and making it more cooperative.

“I strongly believe in the importance of education prior to beginning the divorce process,” says Kyle Wermerskirchen, the family law attorney who presents at the Saturday program. “Through this workshop we stress the importance of working cooperatively in the process to the extent it is possible.”

Byrne’s main goal for Second Saturday is to ease the divorce proceedings by giving those going through it the understanding, resources and professional help they need.

“I saw a significant need to educate people on the financial and legal aspects of divorce,” she says. “Without the right advice and guidance, you could make costly mistakes. I encourage clients to separate business and emotions and focus on achieving the goal of a cooperative divorce.”