Sex and Relationship Therapy

Dr. June LaValleur leads a group of talented therapists at Skyhill Sex and Relationship Therapy in Edina.

Communication is key in every aspect of life, including sex and healthy relationships. But sex often is a difficult topic to tackle. Luckily, experts like those at Skyhill Sex and Relationship Therapy in Edina are available to help. Dr. June LaValleur, M.D., Heather Verjovsky, Jennie Hilleren, Laura Rademacher and Renee Divine, can assist clients through education workshops and group and individual therapy. A wide variety of topics include sexual function, sex and religion, sex without alcohol or drugs, couples’ relationship therapy, and sex and menopause.

According to LaValleur, education is also vital to a healthy sex life. “A small amount of knowledge can change a life and a relationship,” she says.

Skyhill Therapy
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