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Bluemercury, a new beauty retailer in Edina, is taking high-end products from individual department store counters and selling them under one roof.

It’s time to take care of our ears. According to Sonus Health Care Professionals, 48 million Americans experience some form of hearing loss, and a percentage of these people will never seek treatment.

The store’s black-and-white checkerboard floor might make you think you’ve stepped into Wonderland, but it’s a craving for fine chocolates, not a rabbit hole, that will bring you here.

The simple act of pulling a lever to dispense gentle mounds of soft-serve ice cream topped with an iconic curl triggers fond memories in the hearts of Dairy Queen faithful across the country and around the world.

You can help fight crime, whether or not you wear a badge and drive a squad car.

Drive around Edina and you’ll notice many streets with names of the families whose farms once graced that land: Grimes, Code, Gleason, Cooper.

With more shoes than space, attorney Lindsay Sokolowski needed to find a way to organize her large shoe collection into her small living space. In 2007, after trying and failing with clothespins and wires, Sokolowski came up with the Boot Hanger.

On their 20th wedding anniversary, sheep farmer George Baird promised to give his wife, Sarah, a new house, and the house still stands 127 years later as an Edina landmark.Building such a grand home in 1886 was no easy task, as Sarah documented in her diary.

From the first fruits of spring to fall’s bountiful harvest, Centennial Lakes farmers’ market features dozens of local vendors amid beautifully landscaped pathways at Centennial Lakes Park. Maybe you’ve dropped in and loaded up on some of the market’s tasty, fresh produce.

It’s no secret that the city of Edina is a shopper’s paradise: From 50th and France to the Galleria and the Container Store, shopping opportunities abound. But in this town, shopping is about more than just designer clothes or catching a sale.