T-Shirts Battle Stigma

A simple gesture can have a big impact.

Sometimes, doing something good can be as simple as buying a T-shirt or two. That’s the impetus behind Inclusivi-Tee.

“Last November, I woke up and just knew I had to do something bigger,” says Lori Myren-Manbeck, creator of Inclusivi-Tee.

Myren-Manbeck is a clinical psychologist who helps traumatized patients and geriatrics. In a state of cognitive dissonance, she knew something had to be done to battle negativity. So she created an organization all could connect with and participate in while making the world more positive.

The organization sells T-shirts designed by local artists, and artists across the U.S., whose designs are printed on eco-friendly fabrics. The website states fifty percent of profits go to progressive charities and nonprofits.