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Tooth X Nail: Fitness Gear that Fits

Anyone who works out regularly knows fitness apparel is important. It must be comfortable to move in, needs to dry quickly and needs to last. These are the reasons why Tooth X Nail is now open in Edina.

“We’re a retail provider of high quality fitness apparel and accessories,” says owner Nicholas Lundquist. “I focus on CrossFit and yoga, and hope to support that community environment.”

Life Time to Open at Southdale Center

Life is a constant stream of activity. Work, kids, date night, daily commute, cooking, and errands. Busy can be a good thing, but a busy schedule might make it hard to find time for healthy lifestyle activities. Life Time to the rescue. 

Edina Experts Stay Fit Past 50

As we age, it can sometimes feel like opportunities for exercise—let alone exercise that feels good—are harder and harder to find. And yet, for folks over 50, it’s more important than ever to stay active. Moderate daily exercise keeps muscles strong, helps lower heart-disease risk factors and can improve bone and joint health.
OK, OK—you know all that. But how to find the perfect workout?

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